• Dr. P.K. Vishwanathan

    Dr. P.K. Vishwanathan

    Hello, I am Dr. P.K. Viswanathan fondly called PKV. In my website, I want  to share with you my distilled experience in Data Science, Analytics and Statistics. I am awe inspired by the works of Sir Ronald Fisher and Dr. C.R. Rao in the fascinating field of Statistics that all of you will appreciate is the 'Heart' of Analytics. I stand on the shoulders of these two magnificent Statisticians and try to render something substantive in Business Analytics.

  • For Corporates

    For Corporates

    I undertake consultancy assignments for the corporate in three distinct areas namely Statistical Quality Control (SQC), In-House Market Research & Data Analysis
  • For Students

    For Students

    I aim to develop chat/discussion forums for interactive learning on important aspects of Business Statistics that are intriguing.