Specializes in :

Data Analysis

Statistical Quality Control (SQC)

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Management Science

Marketing Research

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Vishstat specializes in niche areas of Business Statistics and Management Science. Its mission is to provide high quality training and consultancy to the corporate world and academic inputs to management students in key disciplines of quantitative analysis.

The primary objective of Vishstat is to focus on analysis and interpretation of data into actionable recommendations. For the corporate world, Vishstat offers specially designed in-house training programs for middle and senior executives and consultancy services in SQC, Data Analysis, and In-house Market Research.

In-house market research is based on the conviction that best results are achieved by using the sales and marketing people of the organization. Except for very large scale ad-hoc market survey that needs definitely the help of an external agency, most of the market information and analysis can be effectively carried out by the people within the organization. The prerequisite of course is a good training program on the conceptual framework of Marketing Research that Vishstat conducts.

For the students of management, Vishstat provides excellent instruction based lessons in Business Statistics, SQC, Management Science, and Quantitative Analysis. The unique feature of its methodology lies in the art of teaching mathematical content in a non-mathematical fashion.